How to Install Betaflight 4 – 4.0.6 on Full Speed FSD F411 Flight Controller/Full Speed Leader 3 or 3SE

The latest version of Betaflight has many new features not found in the older firmware shipped with the FSD F411 flight controller used on the Leader 3 and Leader 3SE. The flight controller uses a custom target made by Full Speed, not from the Betaflight team. This means that with new releases of Betaflight, like Betaflight 4.0.x, you need to wait for Full Speed to release the custom firmware. Full Speed has not released a firmware for Betaflight 4.0.x, but I have found a way around the custom target problem, so that you can flash any version of Betaflight, including the latest 4.0.5, to your flight controller.

While the FSD F411 does use a custom target, I found that the firmware is nearly identical to the firmware of the MATEKF411 target that can be found in the Betaflight Configurator. The only difference is the gyro chip orientation, which can be changed to work on the FSD F411 with a simple CLI command. This means that all your pins and functions will work as they did on the original firmware.


  1. Plug your flight controller into your computer.
  2. Open Betaflight and select the correct COM port for your flight controller
  3. Click Update Firmware
  4. Select MATEKF411 as the target
  5. Choose the version of Betaflight 4 you wish to install
  6. Click Load Firmware [Online] at the bottom right
  7. Click Flash Firmware at the bottom right
  8. Once the flashing is completed, connect to the flight controller
  9. Go to the CLI tab
  10. Type in the command set gyro_1_sensor_align = CW0 and press enter
  11. Type in the command save and press enter
  12. Go to the Setup tab and move the flight controller/drone around to check that the model moves correctly
  13. Check/Modify your PIDs/settings if you are upgrading from a version earlier than Betaflight 4.0.0